Dear sabres fans,

we, the Adler Mannheim fans, the whole team and the city are very proud to welcome you here in Mannheim. To start with a short explanation, in contrast to the most NHL crowds, we are more into chanting, clapping and singing during the whole game, to support our team, and to give it hope especially when they are down by some goals. Don’t be confused, even if it might sometimes sound a bit offensive and uncommon for you, we really hope, you’ll enjoy the atmosphere in Mannheim.

The fan pub “Friedrichspark” (which is named after our old stadium) opens at 6 pm CET in accordance to the arena itself, and closes hours after the match, when the fans are gone. It is located between the lower rink (201/216) and the upper rink (419/401/402). We would love to meet some of you guys, and so, you’re very welcome to join us at our fan pub, take some drinks and have a chat. Most of us can speak english, and the others try to. As we know, about 150 sabres fans are coming to Germany. If you like to, you can connect to the Adler Fanprojekt facebook site to get in touch with some fans beforehand.

Welcome to Mannheim, Buffalo Sabres!